Emergency Eye Care

First Aid

We exclusively see established patients for after-hours emergencies.

​​​​​​​Drs. Court and Michelle Are Trained to Diagnose and Treat Eye Problems to Ensure Your Quickest Recovery.

Established Patients Should Call Us Before Going to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care for an Eye Emergency Such as Metal in the Eye, Loss of Vision, or Eye Infection!

Call us first for:

  • Black or hazy spots in vision (floaters)

  • “Curtains” across vision or something blocking part of your vision

  • Flashes of light

  • “Pink Eye”

  • Eye Injury or Abrasions

  • Foreign object in the eye

  • Loss of peripheral or side vision

  • Red, crusty, swollen eyelids

  • Styes

  • Eye pain

  • Sudden blurry, cloudy, or hazy vision

  • Sudden vision loss

Annandale EyeCare proudly offers on-call triage for eye emergencies. We will assist you in determining the urgency of your specific problem, and arrange for you to be seen by an available provider; if needed.

For after-hours eye-related emergencies, established patients can call 703-941-4111 and follow the instructions to initiate care. If after 20 minutes you haven’t received a return call, we suggest you seek care at your local Emergency Department or Urgent Care.

Please avoid the following until you’ve seen our doctors:

  • Putting your previously prescribed medications or ointments in your eye

  • Putting in a friend’s or family member’s medication or ointment in your eye

  • Rubbing or applying pressure to your eye

  • Trying to remove a foreign object that is stuck in any part of your eye

  • Using tweezers, tools, or other instruments in your eye

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