ICL Surgery

“My prescription is too high for LASIK surgery. What can I do?”

The Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) was invented for patients that don’t fit the LASIK or PRK criteria, but still want to see clearly without glasses or contact lenses.

Implantable Collamer lenses (ICLs) are often called implantable contact lenses because ICLs are surgically inserted lenses placed between the iris, the colored part of your eye, and the lens of the eye. You could think of ICLs, as many do, as implanted contacts.

Once you have been determined to be a candidate, ICL surgery involves a two-step process. First, your eye surgeon will use a laser to create one or two small openings in the colored part of your eye to allow fluid to circulate after the ICL is inserted. About two weeks later, you go back to have the ICL implanted. The implantation involves a small incision in the cornea and the insertion of a lens specially chosen for your prescription.

Who is a Candidate for ICL Surgery?

ICL is a surgical option for people who aren’t good for LASIK or PRK surgery candidates. For example, if your corneas are too thin or your prescription is too strong for laser vision correction, ICL could be a better procedure.

If you have been told you are not a LASIK candidate because of a high refractive error or thin cornea, you can learn if you’re an ICL candidate by asking either Dr. Michelle or Courtney Thelen for an evaluation. Please contact us today at (703) 941-4111.

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